As one would probably expect from the name of such a spell, a large bolt of lightning descends from the heavens and stikes the target of the caster.  As with many Basic Spells there are different forms, based on the casting method of the user.

A Tranquil Cast will require a heavy rain, with many large dark clouds overhead before a successful cast can be made. This bolt of lightning is meagre in comparison to a lightning bolt formed by any other casting form.

A Regular Cast can be made at any time, requiring no specific weather conditions. This bolt of lightning is artificially created by the mind and body of the caster, with a more powerful effect than a Tranquil cast.

An Eradicating Cast can only be made when a boundless mage enters berserk casting mode. An eradicating Lightning bolt requires no weather conditions whatsoever, however will draw in rain and dark clouds in preperation for casting. A torrential rain begins approximately 10 seconds before the bolt hits the target, however rather than a single lightnigng bolt, 10 lightning bolts will hit at the same time in that position, annihilating almost any opposition.

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